​Lyra is a simple and elegant aerial art perfect for beginners to get into. As a static apparatus, it gives the aerialist an opportunity to work on strength and conditioning while feeling secure in the air. In the beginner track, we will be covering the intro syllabus provided by Spin City Training Program. Hope to see you in the air!​

NEW!! CONDITIONING FOR AERIALISTS is a class that will boost your aerial strength and abilities to the next level. If you have any tough moves that you can't quite get in the air yet, this class will use basic ground movements to give you the strength, flexibility, and control to master the movements before you get in the air. Even if you aren't an aerialist, this class will give you the energy, strength, and physique of an aerialist without the dizzying heights.

​​​​Barre FIT - Leaner, Longer, Stronger! Done at a ballet barre using ballet movements and positioning and alignment to create a low impact yet highly effective and energizing workout. Goal is to achieve muscle fatigue and build/improve core strength. Are you looking to sculpt a long, lean, stronger body?…Then Barre @Be.You...! is looking for you. 
…Be•Leaner, Be•Longer and Be•Stronger...

​​Pole FIT (Pole plus Fitness) - Pole plus Fitness at Be You is an effective form of exercise as well as an art form. As one of the fastest growing athletic industries, Pole plus Fitness gives people of all shapes, sizes, and athletic capability the chance to try something new. Something that will improve their health and confidence overall. Pole plus Fitness combines gymnastics moves, dance styles and strength holds for a full body workout. This sport allows people to start at any level and offers a new and exciting way to work out!

In order to reduce slipping, no lotions/oils, shorts and tank top or similar items are preferred.

…Be•Epic and Be•Empowered...

Pound Fit is a Rockout. Workout! The first studio to bring Pound Rockout. Workout. to Central IL in 2014. Anyone can do this. 
Join the originators of Pound in Peoria and channel your inner performer and rock your body with this modern-day fusion of movement and music. Drum along to a slammin' soundtrack using Ripstix - weighted drumsticks designed to transform drumming into a kick-ass, fat burning, full body interval workout that will leave you dripping sweat. Are you still confused about what Pound Rockout. Workout. really is???… Pound is a fun, functional and streamlined group fitness method that fuses the best strength training, Pilates and cardio moves with drumming. The use of Ripstix, lightly weighted exercise drumsticks, challenges the body's stability during each technique and uniquely targets and strengthens the core and deep infrastructural muscles. This allows participants, to see, and even hear and therefore feel results quickly and functionally use the body more effectively in all other realms, in and out of the studio. **Registration is required due to limited space.
​…Be•Energized, Be•Creative and Be•Cultivated...

"Your Mind, Body & Pole Fitness Destination"

Experience is everything, and here at BE You..., your experience is completely original to your needs and wants. Our philosophy is to give you the benefits of all types of fitness, including mind, body, and spirit. Just take a look below and you’ll see what we mean. 





Pole plus Fitness



Yoga Basics



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Vinyasa Flow - Community Yoga

(gift what you can)  - A challenging yet doable series of poses for all levels. Yoga @ BE You Fitness is great for beginners or seasoned yogi's. Bring back that much needed balance in your life. Relieve tension, release toxins, decrease stress, restore the body. Poses can be modified for all levels no matter if you are a first timer or advanced practitioner. Class sizes are capped to ensure personal attention, proper alignment and to maximize your practice.

Yoga Basics - Building Blocks for Yoga and Chair Yoga - Both Community Yoga Class (gift what you can) - Does Yoga scare you?? Even if you practice often do you sometimes walk in to the studio after a hectic day at work or the kids driving you batty or just feeling confused and dazed asking yourself what in the heck have you gotten yourself into?? At BE You Fitness we understand every time you step onto your mat or sit in your chair in Chair Yoga class your practice will be different, your mind is not still and your body will move differently...And, it's ok :-) Because you can count on the foundation of yoga. The building blocks that provide you stability. Mental and physical stability that help provide you that much needed balance. Explore the foundational poses of yoga that inherently every yoga pose stems from and learn to connect the breath with internal rhythm linked to your movement. 

A class for the new and the practicing yogi. Learn, rebuild, reinforce, refine. Your practice will appreciate your willingness to learn. 
Get the most out of your practice, be present, connect your breathe, and explore the foundation poses. Sound simple? It should be. Yoga is for every one, and every body. End result is regular yoga practice will change your life.

​…Be•Present and Be•Attentive.

​…Be•Refreshed and Be•Recharged

…Be•Alert and Be•Focused...

​…Be•Peaceful and Be•Balanced...​​